Dramatic Drams Whisky Tasting Pack VI- The Spirit of Christmas


We've put together a special pack this Christmas featuring sugar and spice and all things nice! The perfect pack for the whisky expert and novice alike with a whisky tour of Scotland in a box. This tasting contains five 30ml drams of the special distillers editions of five out of the six “Classic Malts of Scotland”.

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Product Description

Glenkinchie – Distillers Edition 2003 (43% ABV)

One of few readily available Lowland whiskies, Glenkinchie is a light and floral dram. The distillers edition adds a layer of complexity to the crisp and clean underlying spirit. Matured for ten years in ex-Bourbon casks, it is finished in Amontillado sherry casks sourced from the Macharnudo district in Jerez, the sherry capital of Spain.

Nose: Caramel and vanilla, with some light malty cereal topped with apples and pears, and some grassy notes.

Palate: The sherry element adds a bit more red fruit and spice, with viscous vanilla cream.

Finish: Some nuttiness and oak come through, and the fruit and malt make for a dessert whisky.

Cragganmore – Distillers Edition 2003 (40% ABV)

A classic Highland distillery, Cragganmore is a staple ingredient in many Diageo blends, and occasionally appears in independently bottled expressions. The spirit stills are short and flat, having an effect on the heaviness of the distillate. The distillers edition is finished in port casks, to add additional complementary flavours.

Nose: Fudge and cinnamon, with almonds and honey. Classic port notes like plums and prunes come through.

Palate: Caramel and sugared almonds with dried currants and sultanas.

Finish: Relatively short but sweet and with a very subtle wisp of smoke.

Oban – Distillers Edition 2000 (43% ABV)

Oban distillery almost closed after a major blending house went bankrupt at the end of the nineteenth century and it fell silent several times in the mid-twentieth century. It is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. The distillers edition takes the drier highland whisky and finishes it in Fino sherry casks from Montilla.

Nose: Sweet sugary notes, with a salty and smoky undertone. Star anise and cardamom create a chai-like aroma.

Palate: Figs and salted caramel tart combined with a hard pretzels and chocolate.

Finish: Sweetness drifts into savoury dark chocolate and coffee.

Dalwhinnie – Distillers Edition 1998 (43% ABV)

Dalwhinnie is the highest distillery in Scotland, set in the Highlands surrounded by the Grampian Mountains. The distillers edition is the better known fifteen year old, becoming famous in 1988 after being designated a classic malt, but finished in Oloroso sherry casks.

Nose: Honey and milk chocolate with apricots and peaches. Some light cereal and oak notes.

Palate: The nose carries through with biscuits and red fruits, cherries and currants.

Finish: Rich and medium length with the sherry influence continuing to the end.

Talisker – Distillers Edition 2000 (45.8% ABV)

The only distillery from the Isle of Skye, this whisky is a widely known peaty favourite. The distillers edition combines this classic malt with the sweet flavours of Amoroso sherry, which is a sweetened Oloroso sherry from Jerez.

Nose: Peat and salt, with pepper and brine as well as touches of tar. Sweetness comes through with mango and citrus.

Palate:The sweetness opens up but does not dominate the savoury peat flavours. Gingerbread and burnt sugar on crème brûlée.

Finish: Medium length where salt and pepper marry with some sweet oak flavours.

“Dramatic Drams urges you to drink responsibly. Besides, there’s no point being irresponsible with whisky this good”