Dramatic Drams Whisky Tasting Pack 2


Our second whisky tasting pack featuring some more of our favorite whiskies from around the world including one of the many Tasmanian products that we love, the Hellyers Road pinot noir finish.

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Product Description

Scapa 16 Year Old – The Orcadian (40% ABV)

The Orcadian is named for its embodiment of the tastes and smells of the Orkney Isles at the very north of Scotland. No peat and lighter than expected from an Islands whisky, more akin to its close neighbours in the north Highlands than other island distilleries.
Nose: Light and sweet, with soft fruits, toffee and caramels, and orange peel and malt.
Palate: Fresh cut grass, sweet oak notes with chai spices such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.
Finish: Long but light so easily overpowered by other whiskies, with some of the subtle islands flavours coming through such as light saltiness and smoke.

Longmorn 16 Year Old (48% ABV)

Longmorn does not have many varieties but finds the perfect maturation time and sticks to what works. This variety replaces the 15 year expression after the distillery did some tweaking of its entry level malt.
Nose: Fresh but full bodied, with floral and citrus fruit. Some toasted wood with traces of lanolin and earthy notes.
Palate: Strong tannins with lemon, nuttiness and light nutmeg notes that comes through the strong oak flavour.
Finish: Medium length but develops complex citrus flavours as it builds.

Hellyers Road Pinot Noir Finish (46.2% ABV)

One of Tasmania’s most widely exported whiskies, Hellyers Road is located in the north of the State and produces some excellent special cask expressions. Combining a brilliant base single malt with one of Tasmania’s other great exports – red wine – this whisky is quintessentially Tasmanian. The barley, water source and the Pinot Noir itself are Tasmanian and marry expertly for a great whisky.
Nose: Soft vanillas and caramels with a delicate red wine layer.
Palate: The taste matches exactly what the nose sets up, with fruity pinot noir grapes and fresh stone fruit flavours.
Finish: Medium length with the wine flavour continuing through to the end, with some subtle malts retuning in prominence.

South Island 21 Year Old (40% ABV)

The South Island Single Malt is one of the premier products from the New Zealand Whisky Company. Aged for 21 years in ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels, there is a fresh taste that is only generated from southern hemisphere distilleries. It demonstrates what non-Scottish malts can do and how aging can do very different things to different products.
Nose: Toasted oak but with lighter tropical smells and fresh fruit including apples and citrus.
Palate: Spice overlying toasted and burnt oak with light florals.
Finish: Relatively long due to age, with the oak and spice training off last.

AnCnoc Flaughter (46% ABV)

AnCnoc (pronounced with the first C as silent) is a highland malt from the Knockdhu distillery. The Flaughter is part of AnCnoc’s series of whiskies named for the tools used in harvesting grain and peat. Named for the spade that is used in harvesting peat, this whisky is certainly the finisher. It is more intense than other varieties but is light and drinkable at the same time. The process allows it to be full of peat flavour without overwhelming the other flavours.
Nose: nutty malt with vanilla and sticky toffee, and smokey, earthy peat.
Palate: intense peat but the underlying sugary malt, stone fruit and tobacco come through.
Finish: Long with smoke and a small amount of medicinal iodine, but won’t drown out the next whisky with a phenol count of only 14.8 PPM.