Tasting Pack 5- Olor-O-So-Good

Welcome to the guided video tasting to accompany our fifth tasting pack.

GlenDronach 12 Year Old (43% ABV)

A distillery that favours sherry cask maturation, the GlenDronach 12 Year Old is arguably the archetype for sherried whiskies. It exhibits all the qualities that are to be expected on the base of a crisp new make spirit – in fact its called ‘the Original’. This expression is matured in both oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks to showcase the sweeter end of the sherry spectrum.

Nose: Rich malty cereals, light sulphur with raisins, dates, spicy cinnamon, ginger and caramelised sugar. Lighter apple and honey with syrup, nuttiness and citrus.

Palate: The same fruitcake elements, with buttery malt, chocolate éclairs, marmalade and hazelnuts.

Finish: Medium with burnt toffee and nut brittle, toasted oak and fruitcake.

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old – Ancient Reserve (40% ABV)

One of the best known single malts in the world, Glenfiddich means the valley of the deer and (like Dalmore) has adopted the stag as its logo. Matured in bourbon and oloroso casks, while the youngest whisky is 18 years old, it is highly likely that this expression contains whisky a lot older.

Nose: Instant red fruit and floral heather. Zesty grapefruit with honey, burnt caramel and chocolate with toasted oak and cinnamon.

Palate: Preserved fruits such as dried apple and apricot, more cinnamon and spice-driven sherry and ginger with some light tannins.

Finish: Shortish, dominated by dried fruits with the tannin lasting until the end.

Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso Batch OL0614 (60.7% ABV)

This new expression from Glenlivet is an example of a sherry whisky at its most natural (nàdurra means natural in Gaelic). It undergoes full maturation in oloroso sherry casks, is bottled at cask strength, naturally coloured and non-chill filtered. The addition of water will help pull back the intense sherry and reveal some of the subtlety underneath.

Nose: Dried red fruit like cherries and figs with dark chocolate and a light pecan nuttiness. There is a note of sulphur, liquorice and vanilla.

Palate: The dark chocolate transfers through, with orange, buttery cereals and some fresh stone fruit.

Finish: Long and rich with the chocolate, red fruit, tannin and oaky char.

Bowmore Darkest 15 Year Old (43% ABV)

Bowmore is one of the softer Islay distilleries, and the Darkest is a richer sherried expression matured in a combination of bourbon and oloroso casks. Sherry is not Bowmore’s typical cask of choice for maturation and it creates a fruity complement to the iconic peat of the distillery.

Nose: Sweet but slightly tannin sherry notes, with fresh raisins, spicy cinnamon and allspice, as well as creamy chocolate truffle, coconut and burnt sugar.

Palate: Oaky with some smoky peat, creamy toffee and sherried dates and prunes. Some light aniseed, mint and pine needles.

Finish: The spice and sherry continues with the peat.

Dalmore Cigar Malt (44% ABV)

From the northern Highlands and crafted by the famous Richard “The Nose” Patterson, the Cigar Malt used to sit just below the Dalmore 15 Year Old in terms of age and price point. This first manifestation was discontinued and then reinstated after an outcry from fans but it came back richer with older whiskies and more complexity. The whisky was made with the Partagas Serie D No. 4 in mind.

Nose: Creamy caramel, malty shortbread biscuits, coffee beans and chocolate, with chewy toffees and mints.

Palate: More toffee and caramel carry over with burnt citrus zest and the rich sherry fruit flavours.

Finish: Medium with caramel, zest, and toffee lingering in the mouth.

“Dramatic Drams urges you to drink responsibly. Besides, there’s no point being irresponsible with whisky this good”