About Us

Will and Alex

Dramatic Drams was created as a means of sharing whisky with friends. This idea has grown, with the aid of many drams of whisky, into a regular video review and web shop specialising in packs of whisky samples.
Through this we hope to give people new experiences, with a lot of fun along the way. There are thousands of whiskies out there and knowing which bottle to choose can be difficult. Through guided tasting videos and affordable samples, we’re hoping to help you discover new favourites.
We are located in Tasmania and offer free shipping anywhere within Australia.

Alex is a graduate lawyer, ex-political advisor, and whisky enthusiast.
Keen to make sure young people could drink whisky in a fun and free environment, he started running small whisky tastings with friends in his kitchen to remove the stuffiness from whisky and introduce more people to his passion.

Will a professional poker player and recent whisky initiate who loved the idea and wanted to participate in the tastings but due to his travel schedule conflicting couldn’t be there to expand his whisky horizons.

Thus, the idea of remote tastings delivered to your door was born.


“Drinking whisky should be an experience. For too long it’s been seen by many as the drink for 65 year old men in soft caps and tweed, or hair-sprayed corporate executives smoking cigars in skyscrapers. But whisky is for anyone. I am keen to ensure that everyone who wants to talk about smells, flavours and colours can do so in a fun and open place. I am inspired by people like Will, willing to try new things and enjoy the journey, and it makes me so happy to introduce new people to the most complex drink in the world.” – Alex


“Up until relatively recently my idea of good whisky has been something that caused minimal pain when sipped from the bottle or had minimal flavour when mixed. More recently I have been introduced to the amazing variety and complexity of flavour available in whisky, this introduction has left me enthused for discovery but daunted by the scope of the whisky world.
There is a sea of different whiskies and without the guiding of someone passionate and informed like Alex it’s easy to get lost or to avoid exploring altogether.” – Will